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08.24.2012 , 03:46 PM | #4
Good letter, I really hope they will read it!

Just played a Voidstar. We won, but 2 min. before the end, one of the opponents came at least to the first door (we held them away from the doors until then). Before he could start capping, I threw a grenade that tossed him to the ground for some sec. I stood right next to him and waited for him to stand up and interrupt him again. He stood up, clicked the door and it immediately became red and said, "bomb planted". No capping time. I wished I would have filmed it. Then few moments later, the same guy ran to the bridge, clicked the console and the bridge opened. Again, no capping time.

I reported the warzone and the player with as many details I could provide. But I will never know if they do something about it. I would love a list with info about cheats.