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08.24.2012 , 12:06 PM | #1151
I have been a subscriber since the beginning. Of all the Star Wars games I have played this one offers the most variety of play for single-player and multi-player modes. I think it is silly and foolish to say you aren't going to play this game anymore because it's now going to be free to play.

So, what are your options? Go back to the store and spend $60 on a game that you may enjoy for 2 weeks and then trade in for $5? That's what makes MMOs so great. You buy the game and it expands for you.

You have a great game here that is going to be FREE and you have an option to open up so much more new content if you pay only $15 per month. If you can't be happy with that then I feel bad for you because there is probably nothing in life that will satisfy you. The only way this will be a bad thing is if BioWare does something that puts out the subscribers to accommodate the F2P'ers. As long as the subscribers are first priority in all aspects then I am in full support of this move.