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I'm with you. I have a level 50 Mercenary who has started EC, a level 50 Operative who has been doing HMs to gear up, a level 46 Vanguard about to hit 50 who has a little bit of Columi Legacy gear waiting for him, and a level 18 Sith Juggernaut who is, in the words of Bioware, "On the backburner". Only other story I'm interested in is JK but I'm gonna wait until I can play as a Cathar. More species Bioware! But first, MORE STORY!!!
Lagro level 60 Mercenary Sezzid level 60 Vanguard
Cezzid level 55 Operative Tuckeer level 55 Gunslinger
Snefru level 55 Sith Juggernaut Kam'ina level 60 Jedi Sentinel
Liadra level 56 Sith Assassin You're going down