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Maul sped through the corridors of this space-prison, hiding his presence from Dooku and the Jedi, whoever they were, as he ran past alien, human, and droid. His mind was only focused on one thing-


He allowed his mind to dwell on the truths of their crimes during the Hyperspace War. The sound of his people screaming as clones, led by Jedi, masscared them all. It was on the ashes of Iridonia that his master found him, rebuilt him, made him a tool of revenge.

His master had promised he would be able to strike back at the Jedi soon. But he couldn't wait any longer. Not with them so close.

Just these Jedi.. He thought as he ran through the ship. His master would no doubt punish him for his actions, But Maul didn't care. This went beyond the enternal strife between dark and light. This was personal. This was so that his family could find solace in the afterworld- so that they could stop roaming the endless expanse... stop screaming in his mind...

"You! stop! stop!" A voice frantically called. Maul didn't listen, and he could hear blaster shots hurl at him from smoking barrels of Trade Federation marines. Without turning, he weaved and ducked, the shots missing him completely.

Save one.

His right leg instantly numbed and he stumbled over, a silent howl escaping his mouth.

Cannot be stopped. He swung his head over himself to see who had shot him.

A human dressed in a blue uniform flanked by six droids.


He opened his gloved hand in the direction of the company sent to arrest him and unleashed a torrent of blue lighting, releashing in the power of his fury. The human screamed as his skin melted from bone and his eyes boiled. The droids groaned as well as they were overloaded with a substance they once regarded as vital to their functions. He lifted the entire party with his mind while still firing them with lighting, and then hurled them against the wall of the corridor.

He had to move quickly. No doubt Dooku sensed his attack.

The numbness that began in his leg was spreading, and he released another round of lighting, but this time trained on himself. He bathed in the lethal energy, and then jumped to his feet- his affliction cured.

Jedi. He didn't know where they were. But Maul knew he was prepared to kill anyone, even Dooku, if they got in his way.


The gas was everywhere now. Obi-wan had slowed his breathing down, and hoped Anakin had done the same. He closed his eyes- He didn't need them.

The force saw for him.

He could see the room almost perfectly, as if he was looking about with his own natural eyes. He saw Anakin, his eyes closed, stumbling about the room, confused.

Anakin. Obi-wan called with his mind.

The young boy's face was immediately written over with an annoyed smile.

This is actually an elaborate door-opening dance. A hutt taught it to me. Anakin thought back to Obi-wan.

Obi-wan allowed himself a smile and approached the door. He could see past the massive metal barricade paritally- Droids and men had been stationed outside the room.

Anakin, I think they are going to open the door. Stay still.

Why don't we just cut it down? Anakin asked.

The thought occured to me. But we would be coming out of a small opening, unable to defend ourselves. We will have the element of suprise. They think we're dead. Or stunned.

The locks in the door gave way.

Anakin! Obi-wan projected, preparing himself.

"-They should be knocked out by now. OM-89, Are you finding any readings of cognitive function?" A young guard asked. The man turned his head to the droid, who's usually dark lenses began to glow red as it scanned the room.

"Rog-" It began, before being pushed into the wall behind it, shattering to pieces.

"Fire! Fire!" The young captian screamed, and his droids followed his command instantly, firing into the green smoke that was now seeping from the room and being pulled into the purification vents. Green laser bolts were abosrbed by the posionous smoke. Nothing moved.

And then two bright rays of light, blue in color, came shuffling into view.


"Fire!" The young commander said, but by the time his voice had left his mouth, half of his droids had been felled.

Damn Jedi.

Obi-wan pulled his lightsaber from the throbbing metal armour of a federation droid, swinging his blade back in order to defend his body from a flurry of laser blasts. The shots bounced from his sword, finding themselves in the bodies of the owners who held the guns.

He heard Anakin grunt behind him, and the young Jedi jumped over two droids, loosing them of their heads in the process. Now all that was left was the young human captain.

Anakin and Obi-wan both turned to face him, and the man had dropped his gun and was on his knees, glubbering for his life.

"P-please, I-..I had my orders!" He cried.

"Get out of here before I put my lightsaber where the sun don't shine" Anakin said, and the man nodded thankfully, getting up and running from them.

"Now we have to find a way out of here.." Obi-wan said.

But then he felt something.

And then heard a cry as the young man they had just released died.

"Master!..what is..what is that?" Anakin cried.

A crimson blade stuck out from the back of the captain's head, and a dark figure stood infront of the man's dying body.

The figure shook the body free of his weapon, and then flourished it above his head, revealing a second beam of lethal energy jutting from the butt of his weapon's long hilt.

Without a word, it charged.