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Your idea sounds great. Maybe we could come together in some way to share schematics at reasonable prices. I'd certainly be interested in pooling knowledge, particularly with a kindred spirit who also has "gotta catch 'em all" fever when it comes to schematics!
I was thinking (for our server at least) it might be worth broaching the subject on (I've been meaning to get a bit more involved anyway) but I'll drop you a PM with my sythnweaver's name in case you want to, for example, meet up on the Fleet.

Incidentally I bumped into the guy I mentioned in my first post again last night. He was rather confused by the refund so I explained and he agreed the prices were getting a bit out of hand. Like us he is trying to get the last of the 1.3 schematics so we started comparing the schemas cluttering up our bags/banks and ended up swapping three each (bracer, belt and boots for him and bracer, two pairs of boots for me). We were both happy and the resellers didn't get a sniff of the action: flawless victory!

However I was wondering if this approach would work at something like a crafter's event. Would people be happy swapping or would they prefer to buy/sell or do both? Would there have to be established guidelines that determines what schematics are roughly equivalent or do people just haggle it out on the day? What would be a good way to let people see what you have available? Google docs, sky drive, etc.? Listed on GTN at +100k for the duration of the event? Would people to prefer an old fashioned auction with an auctioneer, bidding, reserves, etc.
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