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So after considerable… consideration I realize that I shall simply have to go ahead alone since I received next to no actual advice in my previous thread (which you probably won't remember due it being posted flipping ages ago) and hope there are enough willing individuals out there competent enough to get this nooby little RP off the ground… anywho on to the summary.


In an unspecified time during the uneasy stalemate spawned by the treaty of Courascant a sizable band of slaves and sympathetic imperial troops have broken their bonds and fled off-planet in a stolen transport.

Now with only enough fuel to make one trip into the coreworlds they hope to attain employment and sanctuary under the banner of the galactic republic.

Amongst their ranks is a rogue sith apprentice aiding them in their escape: betrayed and disgraced by his master he has been forced to forgo his standard sithy misgivings and join them, firstly to ensure his own survival and more importantly to birth the possibility of retribution against his former master along with her new “pet” and all who may have schemed alongside them.

Placements are encouraged on the republic side but I won’t force anyone to be somebody they’re not. A slave or a symp-imp-trooper with a tragic past would be welcomed if they were done well enough. I myself will be taking the role of the sith apprentice and any npcs (unless y'know somebody shows me they can do em' better) and would ask for at least one Jedi character of higher skill to teach the sith apprentice (at his behest of course) max number of players likely won't exceed four or five.

(Also before we go on any further I should note that this is quite literally the first RP I have presided over so if any of you more respectable folk don’t want to fight for a hopeless cause feel free to walk away)