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I can 100% confirm that the Orobirds are missing from their normal SM location in 8-man HM. Exploring the instance has still not been fruitful, unfortunately. I'm wondering if they might make it drop from Kephess when Nightmare Mode comes out, but that's pure speculation on my part.

I've set up a Google Alert for "orochick" and both "wondrous egg" and "wonderous egg", so hopefully I will see any information that does surface very quickly

I've also just asked on Reddit if anyone knows how to get it.
Thanks, Telanis So 3/4...I can't help but wonder if that really does have anything to do with it--especially as 8 man and 16 man share lockouts anyway. Regardless, I did a full exploration of 16-man HM EC and found nothing, but feel free to see if you notice anything. As for maybe not until Nightmare, the thing there is why mention the egg if it can't even be obtained yet and also, customer service did say someone has one...but who knows


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