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08.23.2012 , 11:59 PM | #14
Well, now that you mention it I remember reading something to this effect. Will just have to see for how long we will end up waiting. Keeping all fingers crossed for a shorter period of time.

If it really drags out and I've played all my alts up to 50, and have been raiding with them for a bit. Well, then I might just take a break for a bit. Don't see this as a major cause for panic, have two lvl 50's so far, it will take a while for me to see all classes. If I need something else to do for a little while, well I will play ME3 and see how the Extended Cut turned out. Or perhaps fire up a new warden for DA:O or DA2. There are plenty of things to do. I know that the minute more story is on the table I'll come running back for more. I wouldn't leave forever, just until more story was brought in.