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i seen alot of hacking on my old server not alot...if any.
The you research the hacks...they are on youtube and they even show you how to do it...
I myself strive the top gear and play with pretty good players...and would`nt lower myself to hacking...but man it`s so easy to do...i`m actullay surprised that i`m not seeing alot of hacking...

and if you think this is tube hacks for popular shooters...zillions of them.
hopefully BIO keeps on top of this problem and finds solutions fast...don`t let hackers ruin this game...

most popular shooters i play for only a few months....til the online play turns to craps because of hackers.
Cheating is actually quite rampant on my server. A lot of people have either stopped playing or have started playing lower-level pvp because cheating is less frequent in the lowbie warzones. It can be rather frustrating to see someone pick up the ball in Huttball, for example, then disappear and reappear by the goal line.

Earlier I was playing my sentinel, solo guarding the western bunker in Novare coast. A powertech came up to me and we proceeded to fight. When it became clear he wasn't going to kill me one-on-one, he started to run away. So I snared him. Next thing I knew, he was speeding off faster than normal movement speed while snared - in fact, faster than I could run - and I'm combat spec'd and have 15 percent movement speed bonus at all times. I even hit transcendence for the extra speed burst and he still got away. There was nobody else near to give him a speedboost, and we were fighting at the western bunker, nowhere near the run speed power-up.

It was definitely not legit. That was the first time I had seen such blatant cheating in a lower level warzone. I rolled my eyes and logged on my mercenary for some 50 pvp.
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