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Wrong. Everything ingame is IP owned by various parties. It is the same case for one weapon even if it is bought with one credit ingame or one dollar in cash shop. The weapon itself is owned by EA and you only "rent" it. They have precisely the SAME right to limit access to it, regardless of how you purchased it.

It would be a bad bussiness decision, but ultimately legal.

Again, I am not a lawyer nor do I believe I need to be one while I am playing a game. Between 2 payment options, I am restricted access to what I see as "mine". End of story. I have nothing against having access restricted to any content, past, present or future. So, yes, to all "old" players, they ARE forced to keep a sub to keep access to their stuff. Which is, what I said, greed:
I had another reasonable response all typed out, but really whats the point. After re-reading your "responses", it is clear you just want to rage against the machine; evil greed and all that. So let's bring it down a notch, just to stay friendly.
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