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Your ideas sound cool for an RP server. The biggest problem with developing a community of crafters on a SWTOR server is that crafting is so vanilla in this game. Everyone produces items of precisely the same quality. No one can distinguish themselves from anyone else by producing quality goods that would be in demand. Maybe on an RP server you can find enough people who care enough about crafting and would see banding together to achieve these sorts of goals as a cool RP thing to do. On a non-RP server, I doubt there are enough people to care.
I suspect you are right. I also suspect that until BioWare implements some of the ideas from your p=0.000056 thread (or something akin to those ideas) to mitigate the impact of the RNG and to add some variation then crafting will remain rather bland, frustrating and something that can only be enjoyed (or rather endured) by those of us with strong masochistic tendencies!

On a side note as a result of your thread I've just started playing LOTRO to see what their crafting system is like.

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I do understand where you are coming from, though. Personally, I've got 292 of the 294 possible augment schematics. Two more to go....
Oo ... I'm so jealous right now!
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