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08.23.2012 , 09:29 AM | #16
I'm just gona throw my thoughts here...Now, I don't know why people complain so much. The only class that should be complaining I guess, are mercenaries, as while they can be played good and 'ok', people don't know this and no one wants to play with them (they're not 'viable' it seems). All classes have their 'viable' (read: Overpowered, Imbalanced, whatever) specs. I'm just gona use the Imperial counterparts:

!!!Tank (with unstoppable): Can't really rwz without bringing one of these!!!
!!!Rage: Can even do DPS, all roll jugg!!!

Veng.: Only need the unstoppable, nothing else interesting here.

!!!Carnage: Again, can't really rwz without bringing one of these!!!

Anni/rage: with carnage, not really room for more maras, but still good specs

!!!Pyro: Good DPS and can even bring two of these beasts.!!!

Tank: Worst PvP tank, and no reason to bring it.
AP: Nice spec, but again, can't compete with Pyro.


!!!Healer: AoE heal needed, again something to bring!!!
DPS: Can substitute for ranged DPS, but with the combination on rage/pyro/sniper, not really needed


!!!Tanksin: Again, solo defender lé alfa. Can't really rwz without this either!!!
DPS: Not much to say, 'nerfed'.


!!!Healer: Again, with the status of merc heal, must have along with a sorc!!!
DPS: Not much to say, 'nerfed'.

All good ranged DPS, with marksman pulling the longest straw with the ability to melt other snipers

Now, that sais it. You might not be 'viable' in all your specs, but every class in the game (other than merc it seems) are 'needed'. I think there's a lot more 'nerf this' threads than there are mercenaries now ain't there?

EDIT: And to continue this WoT, do you want these 'viable' specs nerfed so it's all **** you have to play, or want those other specs BUFFED so the game is more interesting when you don't have to run the one single spec only? I vote BUFF.