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special hardware? a simple joystick or gamepad or a keyboard and mouse is all you need for 3d free flight. Just so you know, the only thing that kept SWG going after SOE screwed the pooch on the ground game there was JTL. If JTL never existed SWG would have died the exact day they changed the game.
That is so true about JTL. That is the main reason I stayed in SWG after both debacles went down. JTL was the only thing it had going for them after SOE messed things up with CU and the even worse NGE.

You know that you had 41 total ships in that game that players could pilot. It makes being locked to one ship in this game a bit sad. Space in this game has a major lack in content. Space in Star Wars is such a major factor that they really need to focus more on the Space Aspect of this game. I dare say this but it is Kind of disgraceful to have such a bland Space Feature for being a Star Wars game. At least that is my opinion.

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i know of some that have basically leveled up alts almost entirely through AFK macro'd space missions. I'm sure they are to blame for biowares "metrics" that show that people out there actually love the rails, lol

do some class quest, then just before your done for the day set up a rail loop and let it go overnight, easy xp
After posting and reading this I had to edit my posting to comment.

It is really sad that people can Macro Space Combat. It shows a lot about how messed up it is. If one can Farm it with a Macro while AFK then it needs to be changed. Again my opinion.
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