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Random group members often ask me to skip dialogue und cut sequences in Flashpoint and Operations, I find that irritating. Any chance to implement the option to chose your preference in that regard in the group finder? I'd rather wait longer and have three companions to play with, enjoying the game's atmosphere to the max, than getting a group fast, but then having to rush through everything...

It would be even nicer to have flexible options like
"I expect everyone to skip dialogue & cut scenes"
"I don't care much about dialogue & cut scenes, but have no problem watching them, if everyone else does."
"I want to see all dialogue & cut scenes"

You could even implement a scale, say 1 - 10, and then match players with best corresponding preferences.

Thx for your effort.

PS: Nice game, nice job getting it to that point! Of course there's always room for improvement, but being able to navigate and venture through the Star Wars Universe I find very entertaining. Keep it up!
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