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I have a synthweaver alt on The Progenitor who for the last 7 or 8 weeks has been running back-to-back UWT missions with the goal of getting all of the custom armour schematics.

Last night was a bit of a milestone as I finally acquired the last of the "1.2" schematics (i.e. chest, legs and head) when I spotted an Anointed Demicot Headgear schematic on the GTN for just 2500 credits. I now have 223 out of the 265 available: so only 42 of the "1.3" schematics (i.e. hands, feet, waist and wrists) to go. Admittedly my joy was tempered because it has taken me a lot longer to reach that milestone than it could have and it has been rather boring grind. The reason for this is that I have chosen not to pay the inflated prices that the resellers (i.e. the players who simply buy low and sell high) are charging and consequently I have to wait a little longer to catch the bargains.

Nonetheless I still find myself unintentionally contributing to the resellers profits and that irritates me a bit.

Over the course of the last couple of months I've acquired dozens of doubles and although I've tried to sell them at a reasonable price my fellow crafters now rarely benefit from my prices. Invariably the resellers simply bought up all the rarer ones and reposted them at grossly inflated amounts which has the effect of driving up the prices for everyone. For example, I've even found myself posting schematics at a higher price than I previously would in an attempt to dissuade the resellers from buying up my schematics (by attempting to reduce their profit) and hopefully letting crafters obtain them for a bit less than the reseller's price gouging.

However this too came to a head last night when someone who I knew to be a crafter bought one of these overpriced schematics: I felt so bad about overcharging him I mailed him back half the credits (RPing it as a glitch in the matrix). Afterwards I began thinking about tactics crafters could use to beat the resellers. Obviously my inadvertent overpricing and refund approach could work but you'd have to maintain a blacklist of resellers. Alternatively as The Progenitor is an RP server crafters could meet up periodically for a schematic exchange to barter or sell schematics. However I suspect there are other (better) ideas out there.

So if resellers are driving up the prices of crafting schematics on your server how would you tackle it?
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