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Most of the people I've talked to (Guildies and another Guild that we're allied with) have experienced severe lag, random DCs, mail failures, and interminable loading screens, all on Canderous Ordo. The few who have attempted to speak with CSRs have pretty much been told that the problem is on the player's end (ie update drivers, call your ISP, run the repair .exes, sacrifice kittens, etc). Yet the one point of consistency between all of us is that most of these problems didn't start until after Patch 1.3 and its various mini-updates (which for some have made the issues progressively worse).

Is this a problem restricted to Canderous Ordo or is it affecting all servers equally? I know that we currently have 2 raiders sitting out due to the above mentioned problems (little hard to raid with a 3 second lag delay and random DCs).

I truly love SWTOR and I hope to continue playing it for years. However, if the basic game cannot run without issue then I dread what will happen with all the new programming that F2P will bring to the table. Please make addressing these issues a priority. Stop blaming players when your patches bring more problems with them. Admit that your patch wasn't properly tested, fix it, and move on. We'll all be happier for it. Thanks for your time.

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