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08.22.2012 , 10:02 PM | #8
SWGEmu is looking good, it seems like there are alot of players. Perhaps the same as an average swtor server.

I used to play on the Ultima Online free servers alot, much more than I ever did on the paid servers. If the SWG Emu team does get JTL working I will definitely be going to check it out. Since swtor will be going free to play I could just cancel my subscription and play both for free. When I want good space combat I can go to SWG.

Until then I will still be hopeful that Bioware will rip out their space arcade game and put in a real space engine.
I spent more than a year in SWG becoming force sensitive and building my Jedi character. Jedis were few and far between as it was not a starting class. One day I logged in to find most players had converted to Jedi overnight. I haven't logged in since.