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08.22.2012 , 09:10 PM | #3
What I wanna know and what I think the community wants to know is where do you the developers and staff see this game in 1 years time? I know there has been lots of changeup in the EA/Bioware office recently but with this new F2P path, new content you guys are working on I would really like to know whether this game is worth playing in the long-run.

I would hate to play this game for another year or two to just see it close abruptly or have only 1 new warzones and 2 new flashpoints added in that time. So im asking honestly, as a very on the fence, but hopeful subscriber, what is your game plan/business plan in 1 years time, in 1 year what new changes will we see added and done in the game, where do you see the population, will you add new servers, in general what will be the state of the game in your realistic expectations?