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Lastly, in an Operation, lets say you will have 10 dps, and lets say they are doing about 1000dps each ( for easy numbers, since tank dps is also included). For two seconds, that increases your raid dps from 10,000 to 10,900. Not too bad, considering you can do this every 30 seconds. Thats an extra 3,600 health the boss loses every minute. In a 10 minute fight, that is 36,000 health, very formidible if you ask me, its like having a whole extra dpser in your raid.

New Assassin tank here so bear with me please. I read all of you posts in this thread and agree with most of what your saying. I just needed clarification on this one part though.

Nerve Wracking:

The wording on the talent indicates that its a damage increase on targets "controlled" by spike or electrocute. To me that means the mob is stunned from either the 2 second spike effect or the 4 second electrocute stun. Is this correct or does the talent behave differently from the wording?

This thread has generated some fantastic discussion. Awsome job OP. This is definately an excellent begining!