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Not sure how much you've heard about the Consular, specifically the Sage, but here's my 2 cents on it.

Let me preface this by saying that since you've played the IA story line, which is one of the best in the game (if not the best but that's not the point) you might find the Consular story boring since the IA is more action orientated while Consular is more a diplomat/non-violence deal.

Now then, on my opinion.
I liked it. Style was rewarding as a DPS Sage, and in the 1-49 tier of PvP I did VERY well. Easily within top 5, sometimes even top or second, with 8-14 medals each game. PvE wise, content wasn't to hard for me save for certain bosses and heroics, but overall fun. Story wise, its a perspective/opinion thing. Some people I've heard just all out hated the Consular story, and voted it the worst one. I for one, even after playing the Sith Warrior story up till around the start of Act 3, still found it interesting. Its really diplomatic based, as thats what you are for Act 2 and 3-a diplomat to secure the peace. Act 1 is a good bit different, and was probably my personal favorite. Act 2 and 3 were however enjoyable, somewhat humorous, and interesting. Thats what I think at least, a lot of others would have to argue against that. Of course Gameplay wise, most people would agree as a Sage its a nice style of play, plus you can respec as a healer for Ops/FPs/WZs etc. and be able to get into groups/Ranked WZs faster.

Oh and for the story, go LS. DS makes no sense what so ever (Ex. "I helped you out, and you helped me out. We both benefit as does the Republic as a whole! Now what? I KILL YOU! YOU DIE!!"=DS Consular=Wut. While LS is just that without the stupid decision to kill the person, which makes much more sense...)

Just my 2 cents, hope that helped!
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