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Sabrina headed back, into the diplomatic chamber. Knowing the bridge, would know about the escape pod. Them and the republic, it was time to make her move. She planed on, starting a full scale war. She walked into the room, one of the coreliana diplomat`s asked Where is, Sabrina. Sabrina smiled, it was kind of nice to be missed. But she had job to doShe took, along walk. She replied. Then turned to a mandalorian, waved her hand New order`s, kill them all. she pulled out her blaster, as did the rest of the mandalorian`s. Then they began to shoot the diplomat`s, they where all dead within second`s.
She then told the highest ranking mandalorian Goto the nearest, gunnery room. Then open fire, on the planet. You done an excellent job, mandalore will be proud She then head towards, the hanger bay. To find a mode of transport, to get out of here before she is discovered. She then see, an imprerial agent. Treatening some mandalorians in cuff`s, knowing this may jepordise her plan`s. She try to figure out, what to do next. As she did so, she could here the first salvo`s being fired.