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Jotunheim laughed a moment then spoke in a slow serious tone. Yeah I did and I still will. Not like you're gonna get the chance to shoot me with that thing any ways. meanwhile Hadock fiddled around with a lockpick opening his restraints carefully and grabbing his knife from his belt pouch. Smiling briefly before throwing it at the commando and shouting I hope you can duck scumbag! Now Jotunheim! Joutnheim had been waiting for the signal from Hadock and rolled suprisingly quick to the side within striking distance of the commando and swung his massive fists at him. Do not think im unprepared for people like you scumball!

My son is not needed. The data on that super weapon is however our top priority. These men need leadership and someone who can use their strengths effectively to win against the Mandalorians. Kregan and myself will handle Hadock and his companions you must distract the Mandalorians long enough for us to get in and out with the Data.