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I'm a PvPer and that is most certainly NOT my #1 fact, it's not even on my list. I don't want more of the same old **edit**! I want REAL PvP...not another reason to go into the same 4 freaking boxes we've had for 8+ months.
Holy bat excrement.... I'ma agree with TUXs again this morning!

OP, all of your questions are related to faux PvP, not real PvP.

Now, I honestly don't see this game ever having real PvP of any substance. But then again I don't play it for PvP because I knew it was a PvE game when I bought it. There are other games for good PvP, and honestly I don't feel PvE and real PvP coexist very well.
sayonara SWTOR. I will miss the game, I will miss many players, I will NOT miss being lied to and deceived. I will not miss rookie level mistakes of epic proportions.