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Bioware please answer these short questions

Will there be cross server queueing in 1.4 for rated warzones?
Will there be single player or non 8man queuing for ranked warzones in 1.4?
Will 1.4 kick off Season 1 of ranked warzones?
Will we ever be able to queue with more then 4 into a regular warzone and when?
Will the new warzone, whenever it arrives, be rotated into the ranked warzone queues?
When will be able to queue for the warzones we want? (kinda like the lfg feature)

Optional: Can we have more specifics on the upcoming Vanguard/Pyrotech nerfs?

If Bioware can answer these questions in a timely manner (doubt it), I think it would help restore some confidence in the pvp community.

Side Question: As it stands ranked pvp queues are lacking on most servers which is making the grind for warhero take forever. Will there be any plans of lowering the cost to gear up now that ranked has been a failure?
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