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12.19.2011 , 03:10 PM | #181
Well to be quite honest i don't have a new rig but my thrusty old one suits the game just fine.

Posting my specs so that you peeps can update or base yourselfs upon to configure better ones.

CPU : Intel Quad Q6600
RAM : 4GB Infineon DDR2 Dual Channel ( 2x 2GB RAM sticks )

HDD : SATA 2 Hitachi 320Gb 8Mb Buffer ( sys only )
HDD2: SATA 2 Hitachi 720GB 8Mb Buffer ( partitioned for games and other stuff )

Graphics Card: Zotac GForce 220GTS 1024MB

MoBo : ASUS P5Q SE2 P45 Chipset
PSU: Corsair PC Gaming Series Gs800 - 800 W

Tower : Antec 900
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master GeminII M4
Thermal Compound : Your pick i use Artic Silver Ceramique

ODD2: LD DVD Reader

Tower is good ventilated, i remade the cabling myself so that no cables are hanging loose and the air flow isn't affected.

It isn't much but it can serve as a reference point for the people that haven't that much money to invest in a new rig or just want to update some parts.

On a personall note, do invest in a good MoBO / PSU , these parts are very important, and are often neglected, all other parts are easy...

PS: A good cooling system and thermal compound are very very important, i like the gemini because i could actually screw it to the board and found the combination of the AS and cooler very very effective.

That and a good Tower with a measure of air circulation ( if you don't use a watercooled system that is )