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08.22.2012 , 07:34 AM | #1
To start, I by no means expect this game to be perfect because every game has its flaws but this is getting really ridiculous. Tuesday night, my guild had to cancel the raid because anytime somebody had to release out of HM EC they got an Access Denied message which makes them have to keep re-logging till it decides to work. With this recent patch it seems like zoning into all instances is like playing Russian roulette because the game server lag may keep you from getting in making you re log.

The Server overall seems to be getting worse and worse overtime with the lag on the evenings.

With the Server being this bad for us paying customers I don't even want to see it when it is free to play. I understand you guys are doing what you can for this but I just ask for the game to at least be playable. This will be another week where I wasn't able to clear HM EC on a Tuesday because of server issues.