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There are some restrictions, to be sure. After all, we can only choose different outcomes not create our own.

Still, my main toon is a Sith Warrior. I had a very clear idea of how I wanted to play with him, how I wanted him to behave and so on. For the most part, the game allowed me to do that. In some instances I was extremely pleased with the way I was able to shape him - an example would be the world quest on Hoth, where, IIRC, I had to find and fight an old Jedi stranded there since the war; I defeated his pupil and then fought him until we came even and the ice cave started to collapse around us so I said "Screw it!" and chose not to continue to fight but rather to bail out of the cave before it was too late. I haven't had that scenario in my head before I played the game and I didn't know what was going to happen beforehand but this outcome fitted the character I had imagined so well.

It's similair with my Smuggler alt I'm leveling up now. I imagined her as this kind of shady character; not evil, per se, but greedy and shady - she's a criminal after all, the scum of the Galaxy. And the game allowed me to go there, with her making dirty deals with fellow criminals, the Hutts or even a Sith while on Tatooine where I helped her kill (!) the Jedi who was chasing her . The game gives me the option to make her this snarky, cynical individual who cares only for her own profit while sometimes (just sometimes!) a slightly tarnished heart of gold shines underneath this. Again, the situations and the outcomes are preconcieved by the devs, sure, but I still have the opportunity to shape her personality in the way I wanted before I got to actually play.