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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I have a very simple question that I'd love for a dev or member of the community team to answer:

Why did you elect to place the map object used to spawn the Nightmare Pilgrim on a 2-hour respawn timer instead of having it reappear instantly once the body vanishes?

Players already receive a 5-day debuff upon defeating the Nightmare Pilgrim that more-or-less prevents them from engaging in combat with it again for the duration. It's also (to my knowledge) the only source of campaign boots. Denova doesn't have a silly "one group at a time" restriction. Neither does any other operation or flashpoint. The additional 2-hour respawn timer in an open world area simply leads to player disappointment, guild-vs-guild/cross-faction griefing, and a hostile playerbase.

And before anyone suggests, player-created schedules are NOT a viable solution. Not everyone is aware of these mythical documents, not everyone is able to re-arrange their schedules to suit the desires of other players, and some people just don't care.
Some would say the guild vs guild/cross faction greifing and high stakes that team will use up their stims for nothing is what makes NMP the most exciting and dynamic PVE content in swtor