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Hi, I know this has been discussed in previous threads but no answer from any Community team members has been received yet. You guys have been really good in answering a few questions regarding the new gear sets in Terror and whatnot, and were all very anxious to see the Op.

My question is when (roughly) can we expect Terror to be on the PTS? You've pretty much said it will come next month, which as far as I'm concerned means anytime before 30th Sept really.

However with the launch of MoP on the 25th I'd expect it to be released very shortly before then, for no reason other than to keep Swtor raiders attention on swtor. But to achieve a bug free release by then, obviously taking into account that more people will be able to test compared to 1.2 EC, you'll still require a minimum of 3-4 weeks of solid testing no?

Which pretty much means at latest it should be on the PTS by the end of August? I'm not sure if you plan on using its pts launch to counter gw2 release, afterall gw2 is a very PvP orientated game. Nonetheless even what you might call raiders do play other types of content, and using Terror pts would certainly keep some of us fixed or atleast excited for Terror, whether by playing or just watching videos waiting for it to go live.

I don't mean to try and tell you how to do business and when to release content, only that some word on the matter would go a long way. In particular just letting us know Terror "should" hit pts by next weekend or the weekend after etc etc.
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