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08.21.2012 , 03:54 PM | #29
Reread most of my posts and I want to make it clear. Sages have great abilities and are an asset to any group. Havenít been grouped with many Commandos as a healer, but I have done a few Ops on my DPS Shadow with a Commando healer that seemed more than up to the challenge.

Just my personal taste is that smugglers are the most fun healing class in the game and up to any challenge and anyone that prefers Sages over Smugglers just hasnít meet up with the right Smuggler. Because when you get in a rhythm with a smuggler it is very easy to maintain everyoneís health while the Sage healer does some DPS. More than once Iíve been told in HM groups that they healed very little or not at all in the Karagga battle because I was just too fast for them, so they gave up and helped with DPS. That said, I am not that good either, there are way better Smuggler healers that I know. So if I'm not that good, then the class has to be that good with someone that has some idea what all the abilities do. Problem is I have been in many HMFP PUGs where the healer had no clue what the abilities did.