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i have never been out healed by any healer(same gear) with my scoundral. I can crit heal over 7k we chain pull. the secret to scoundral is main stat. more main stat allows more crit chance. I never not crit on my heals. we farm sm ev/kp for our noobs gear and i solo heal them. and im only geared in columin gear with a couple bh/rakata jewlery. ive been in pug hmfp with people in orange lvl 50 stuff and power healed through it. i had a tank who had lvl 41 stuff lol and we did it nonstop pulling. I'm sry but no one can convince me anything is better than a scoundral healer so far. you want aoe heal? i can double hot everyone faster than a sage can aoe and people run to the puddle.
Let's address a few things here. Any healer can crit 7k heal. Hell, on my Scoundrel, I almost hit 9k (granted, it was healing myself with my Shield Probe on).

You NEVER not crit? Really? You have 100% Crit chance? Even if you have 3000 Cunning (In Columi gear no less), your Crit will probably not be higher than 45%.

Sage Healers who drop Puddles and make party members run to them... suck. No Sage healer worth his salt will place Puddles in places and make people run to them. And how many rolling hot's are we talking here? one Probe on each person and a Cloud? 1.5s per cast? It takes me 1.5 seconds to drop a Puddle on at least 4 people, and it heals for more than cloud, and more people to boot. Arguing that Scoundrel is a better AoE healer than Sage is just ignorant to be honest... even as a Scoundrel Main, I know this.