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08.21.2012 , 01:27 PM | #25
I've already posted that my main healer is a Scoundrel. Look at my sig. Scoundrel Healer, Sage DPS.

I was an Operative Healer for 6 months from when the game launched to when I switched to Republic. I immediately took Scoundrel healer as my main again. I know Scoundrels can Solo heal Story Mode Ops... fact is, so can Commandos and Sages, and I know this because I've seen it done.

I'm not arguing with you guys that Scoundrels suck. They don't, or I wouldn't be playing one. I'm stating that it's easier to be an average player and heal on a Sage than it is to heal on a Scoundrel, and it can be overwhelming compared to how easy Sages are to heal with. I've healed on my Sage in DPS gear with a Field Respec, and never done it before, and healed just as well as I do with my Scoundrel... it's THAT easy.

The topic asks why people like Sage/Sorc the best, and I gave my input on why.