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They don't pack the "oomph" in strong up-front heals to take care of 2 or more players at once, nor do they handle AoE healing as well, but they are definitely good healers.
No I cannot heal 2 people of my choice at the same time like a Sage can, but why does that even matter. I can keep a group on their feet just as well as a Sage. It does require a knowledge of other classes and a awareness of game play. You have to prioritize, but simple (depends on health) formula is Critical Adrenal, Kolto Cloud (if two players are taking heavy damage together, then they are usually sanding close together), Emergency Medpac on the lower of the two, then Emergency Medpac on the other, then UWM on the other (grants upper hand again) followed by UWM on the other, both are usually at over above 90% by then so I will use Slow-Release Medpac to finish them off and get Upper-Hand restacked. Now if I am one of the two taking damage. I will use defensive screen and flash bang while hitting the other player with emergency medpac while I run toward them to get in range for Kolto Cloud. All of those are instant. Then I will pop the Critical adrenal and do the same as above.

Sometime in Ops I will also have to Prioritize who to heal especially if the other healer dies, normally I focus on the tanks and other healer. However, if something should happen to the other healer, I then heal the tanks and highest output DPS. I still try to keep everyone on their feet, but I am not going to heal the DPS standing in AOEs over the tank. My main goal is to keep everyone above 90% so they can worry about DPS/Tanking instead of dying.

So while I can't heal 2 people at once beyond Kolto Cloud, my sawbones can put out 4 instant heals at the press of 4 to 6 buttons. Even more if the person is below 30%.