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Sidious is the most powerful Sith ever, meaning Vader and Revan are both inferior. Yoda is superior to both Revan and Vader as well. Thus Darth Vader and Darth Revan go down hard then Yoda and Palpatine enjoy a victory smoothie.
While I agree with most of your post, I completely disagree and know for a fact after reading 96+ SW-EU/SW novels/comics including the dictionaries, all of the SW DnD books, and most importantly the "Jedi vs Sith - The essential guide to the force". that PALPATINE IS *NOT* THE MOST POWERFUL SITH EVER. I'd bet life on that as I know it to be a fact from SW cannon.

True Palpatine committed full scale genocide against the light side users of the force and even dark users that were not connected to the empire and or bound to the Emperor (Such as Vader & Mara for instance)

Start reading and learning all of the sith lords starting from the very beginning, trust me Palpy is by far not the strongest. Now if we're talking about cunning and or the largest empire than Palpatine would be #1 I don't debate that... What I disagree is that power in the force / lightsaber combat Palpatine factually is not the best. Besides, when you control the entire galaxy (Excluding the unknown regions and some petty unneeded worlds far away from the core) he need not subject himself to the force to maintain complete power.

Remember that I don't deny Palpatine was powerful, especially under Darth Plagueis's tutelage... Just not the *most* powerful.

I could make this into a 50 page explanation but I think I'll stop here, if you're still reading be proud lol.

Look through this list and read up on all of them:

-Thank you for your time and I hope I've helped clear up that.

PS: If anyone ever has a question about the SW Universe send me a message and I will give you the real answer in cannon.
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