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Can we say small sample size? Recently I ran ten grade six sliced parts missions and two critted. Does that mean the it's broken? No, it means I was lucky and you were not.

Random does NOT equate to Even - you will have clusters of both good and bad streaks, but in the VERY long term it will average out to an approximate value of the crit chance.
Small sample size? Yes, you could say i was EXTREMELY unlucky, but come on, 10k companions, one with a +2 slice crit, it should have critted least once.

I'm well aware of how probability works, but this is a bad joke, because as I said even with comps with 0 affection, I never had any problem getting a reasonable return on them. And how is it that the Data Race mission is critting and the level 6 slice part one isn't then, not that I want invest 340 missions, but I'm getting them....