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08.21.2012 , 09:09 AM | #8
I've run the level 6 slice mission to get neural augmenters 24 times (yes I've kept count), 2 slicers, 4 comps each with 10k affection including Scorpios with the +2 slice crit (so 6 have been run with Scropios), and haven't received a single crit, each time getting 4 subelectronic data modules. Seems to me the chance of this has been nerfed and the only way to get neural augs is to get a 340 slice mission which drop so infrequently from the lockbox mission compared with invest which drops 80% of the time.

I know before I could expect at least 1 crit from 4 missions or so, now I can't get one at all. I'm now sure this was a deliberate nerf on Bioware's part, I was going to post on the boards about it and saw this post, so thought I'd mention it here.

Utter joke

Edit 28 missions now and no crit... the level 6 slice part mission is clearly bugged