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It's not selfish to ask a gathering skill timer and/or materials required to craft be brought in line with other gathering skills. If anything, I am decreasing a barrier for the community. It already takes 420k to augment mk6 slots, which is a 100% credit sink. That does not even account for the TONS of credits sunk into actually getting the augments/kits. In reality, your suggestion is actually selfish because you seem to be concerned about "devalued" products which affects your bottom line, while not caring about other skills that are not afforded such luxuries. There is no way a implant should sell for less than an augment, but ask I look at the GTN right now, the mats are almost double for same tier purple mats and the "good" augments are 2.5 times more expensive than an implant. I am sure other items from other crafts have similar issues versus the augment thing...
OK then how about some proof that what you are suggesting is not a good thing...

In the game World of Warcraft, in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, there was a gathered material known
as Frost Lotus. It was a rare drop that came off gathering other material nodes. The original spawn rate was 5% (approximately 1 in 20 nodes generated a Frost Lotus). The material was highly prized because it was required to make flasks (analogous to exotech stims). They roughly sold for 100 gold a piece (roughly analogous to 20,000 credits).

As the expansion progressed and demand for flasks increased, players started complaining that there was not enough Frost Lotus to go around and an increase in the drop rate was suggested. It was additionally suggested that there be an NPC vendor that one could trade in other materials for Frost Lotus. Blizzard added Frost Lotus nodes to one area to increase the availability, but that was not enough. Every day you would see at least five new threads dedicated to people screaming for more frost lotus.

Well, Blizzard eventually gave these players EXACTLY what they wanted - they increased the drop rate from 5% to 7.5% (a 50% increase), and they created a vendor to trade in a Frozen Orb (analogous to Biometric alloy dropped at the end of every FP) for Frost Lotus (among other things).

Can you guess what happened next? First, the number of frost lotus and flasks skyrocketed. Initially those, like you who simply wanted to be more self-sufficient, hailed this as a boon. Of course those, like me who tried to sell their wares saw the value of the products crash. But then after a while, those like you, were back complaining that it was no longer worth being self-sufficient because frost lotus and flasks were dirt cheap.

Can we say...Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it?

My point is, what you are asking for has already been tried and it failed to make those intended to be made happier, actually happy.