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it seems that, for a majority of response here, the common trend is.
- More boss pour a tier.
- Less tedious and time consuming trash
- Wish to clean a raid in a night.

With this in mind, what would work in PVE design is.
- Multiple raid within a tier
- Total raid boss for a tier would be 7-10
- Each raid shouldn't be more than 5-6 boss each.
- Trash should have an interest. Either fun to kill and/or have a value (loot, reputation, credits, shematics)

Would you agree?
How long an raid takes is very subjective, since some guilds are more efficient then others, as well as if the raid is on farm or not for an guild. With EC HM you see the majority of guilds clearing it in a single night, some half a night, then there are others who take 2 or 3 nights... who do you cater to when you say the raid should be cleared in a single night?

When it comes to trash, i think less weaker/aoe spam trash is good, while making what trash encounters that are in an operation harder and more challenging would be more rewarding. If there is no risk of dying, it quickly becomes boring and trivial. I would like to see at least random crafting mats to drop off the trash (at a far greater rate then what they do in HM EC atm). I understand why they may not want to add crafting schematics, since they were so rare out of EV/KP that were non existent.

How many bosses in a raid, to me is really dependent on the difficulty of the fights, and the loot that is being rewarded; usually though more is better then fewer, but if you start doing a large amount you need to give people the option to choose between bosses sometimes (aka. different wings).