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Agreed, a merge is necessary for APAC servers. But I believe they will wait how the population increases with F2P before doing anything.
I think that may be the case too.

But I think this would be a horrendous decision from a business POV.

They're kidding themselves if they don't think GW2 will not have it's hefty amount of unsubbers. I know multiple good guilds that are gonna be heading off Master Dar'Nala, and when this happens, Master Dar'Nala is gonna head south, and in a timely fashion, why Master? Cause predominately it's a PVP orientated servers, GW2 is what is said to be the PVP'ers game. So on top of folks unsubbing cause of GW2, it's gonna make the folks at Master Dar'Nala doomsay, and leave themselves.

Me personally? I love swtor, and I'll 100 percent ride it to death, or glory.

Worst case scenario of merge and f2p becomes successful?

Bioware throws Master Dar'Nala back up, gg. There is really so little cons, and many pro's.