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08.21.2012 , 12:54 AM | #26
After alot of discussion for the past week with people from all servers I think this will be the best option and in my opinion it should be like this:

PvE-RP server Dalborra, Gav folds and merges RP gets a special chat channel and the ignore button solves all problems.

PvP server remains with the option of transfers going both ways, this is so that we have a PvP server for one day when this game finds it feets the numbers will return and we dotn want to go into server wait times but have the ability to spill over in return to the PvP server.

As with all problems stated above, either solutions are made by individuals or sacrifices will be made as there is nothing but positives outweighing the minor negatives to this server merger.

Please do raise awareness on each individual server as to this thread. With the support of the community hopefully this solution can come into affect to allow those members of the community who wish to continue.

**Also Note** please do not flood this thread with off topic discussion please only state if you support the idea or do not support the idea and give reason's.
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