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08.21.2012 , 12:23 AM | #22
Well realistically why would anyone still bother with EV/KP Nightmare and EC story after Terror is released unless you're bored on a Sunday or Monday night after clearing Terror and EC hm.

Obviously if you're not at that level yet that's a different story, but I'm referring to the people without time. I think we've had more than enough time to clear EC hm and get mostly full BiS Campaign. The boots I can understand quite a few not having etc, but even then the Black Hole equivalent is easily earned.

When Terror goes live I can see us working on SM learning the fights. Don't know how hard its gonna be, but assuming its like EC, well learn and clear SM in the first week over 3 nights. Then 2nd week, depending on how we are with gear, 2 nights of Terror HM and 1 night of Terror SM/EC hm
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