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My only issue with them having the choice?
I think it would have to be an all or nothing option. And a heavily moderated /rpchannel.

I have absolutely no experience in a RP server but an issue that springs to mind is say for eg in a WZ. You have a premade of 4 RP'ers and a premade of 4 PVP'ers. I'm a bit of a gambling man, but eventually you'll have a situation where say the RP'ers talked in /ops with some form of RP, and the PVP'ers are like, ROFL *** IS THIS LET'S MAKE FUN OF THIS... People get ignored and that WZ goes to absolute horrible, then incites a *****torm in /1 on the fleet afterwoods.

I know this comes down to trolls being trolls, but I could see things like this happening regularly.

It'd be interesting to hear some RP'ers weigh on this debate imho.
Well, I don't know if I qualify as an RPer, but I'm on Gav Daragon. There's a lot of healthy debate there between premades after WZs, and some are from RPing guilds and some aren't. As long as the chat isn't offensive, it's fine - all part of the game. And if it is offensive or trolling, it gets reported. I'd imagine that'd be the way it was if the servers merged.

This isn't rocket surgery, after all; there's the reporting mechanism and the Ignore button for trolls, of whatever stripe, and those who have nothing better to do than troll roleplayers are no different to any other troll.

Besides, if any particular group in a WZ is more intent on trolling and poking fun rather than actually playing, that might distract them long enough that the RPers can flank them and frag them senseless. So, it's all good.
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