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08.20.2012 , 11:16 PM | #18
Yes there will be trolling, its bound to happen, it already happens without the RPers, i myself do it sometimes when im bored but there is ways around it and they are all extreamly effective.
1. Privet channel- this already works wonders with out Endgame channel, it stoped the endless fpg spam
2. ignore- it's there use it, it is your best friend against trolling
3. not in General- seriously if your doing it in general your begging for it, you don't have to roleplay 24/7
4. socialise- having a guild or bunch of friends is more or less how most roleplayers choose to roleplay, rarely do they do it out in the open
5. don't get angry- getting angry just feeds the trolls, they love it when you get angry

all of this will garantee a happy peacefull experiance for anyone not just Roleplayers
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