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I put in red the average time it usually takes me to compete these raids in a competent pug, I would assume you and your guildies would be able to raid at least 2 to 4 hours a night, and could easily reduce your 5 day raid week into 2 or even 3. There is also the question of kp/ev NiM being worth running anymore, especially with TFB SM dropping campaign level loot, but that is a guilds personal preference to run those as a guild or not, but either way you should have more then enough time to fit tfb into your week even if it would take you 2 to 3 days to clear.
I can already see our raid week.
day 1 HM EC
day 2 SM TFB.
Day 2.5 NP and clean up.
UNtil we're fully geared out (1-2 more weeks)

Then its going to look like

Day 1 SM TFB
Day 2. HM TFB
Day 2.5 God knows.

All up its about 4.5hours raiding.I can probably imagine us dropping SM TFB as soon as ew're fully camp BiS.