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08.20.2012 , 11:03 PM | #12
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If you had moderators for the rp channel it's easy to move past, they just use the rp channel/group up and kick people who are trolling. And their is an ignore button for a reason, I mean lets be real they probably already get trolls on their server as it is. Nothing will stop trolls.
Yeah true and what not, I just honestly see it ENDLESSLY trolled.

Esp. once free2play rocks up man, I know there's gonna be trolls in general ofc. But holy shi- a f2p trolling an RP server would be a massive nightmare man. Just my personal opinion, it's way too abuse-able :/

My 2 cents only ofc, and I wouldn't personally mind at all if it was an entire merge. I just can't see it working at all.