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Team yodA because one blast of lighting to vader would probably fry him he couldn't survive sidious lighting in ROTJ. And revan by himself can't stop 2 of them now if vader didn't suffer any injuries and learned to use the dark side to his fullest I might say revan and vader would win.
This is taking into account. He's been wearing the suit for a while and is at almost his peak in the dark side of the force. If you can detail how you think the fight would go down. It would be three melee, and one ranged. Dark Vader has amazing power and understanding of the force.

So does Revan (This is taking into account after he walked both the dark and light side) Yoda is one of the best swords man out there and wise past his years. The Emperor well he's just the wild card if he could get in an attack early enough and avoid the melee.