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Just want to find out what Bioware is planning with the oceanic servers as with the US we are experiencing a declining population which is getting worse and with the launch of GW2 soon its going to push more people away with a lack of people to play with/against.

I feel its pretty late to be bringing this up but I hope Bioware has seen this and planned already for it. I approached the RP server and feel merging the PvE and RP to a PVE-RP server would be best and also allowing transfers from the PvP server to the new amalgamation server would be a great effort at bolstering numbers and confidence in the game.

Bringing together all those who wish to continue playing will be the best effort to put confidence in those who wish to remain with this game until it finds it's feet and until the numbers start returning as so many have shown the intention of coming back at the release of new content and with the maturity of the game coming in time.
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