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Night of the Living Prompt - So remember all those ideas or half-finished scraps you had for earlier prompts? You know how it feels way too late to post it now? Resurrect your favorite prompt - let us know which it is! - and give us a story!

Current Prompt -
Week of 12/6/13
Heritage and Antiques---Star Wars is full of special things. Old things. Things with personal meaning, things revered as holy. The lightsaber your father wanted you to have when you were old enough. Your grandmother’s silver (or silver ship) you hope one day to give to your grandchildren. The insignia of your squad’s first commander, the one whose bravery won her (or him) a medal and gave your squad its reputation. The holocron that corrupted (or redeemed) your master. What things, places, or heirlooms are special to your character?

Prompt Archive - See the SFC prompt archive for a complete list.

Story Index by Author > AU > Prompt
Sith Warrior AU
What If, What If Part 2, Worlds Colliding, Uninvited Guests, Sith Happens

Ruth AU: RMC Fix Fic: Teachers and Heroes 1
Ruth AU: The Sword of Mercy (Ruth's line): Short Fic What If?, Friends and Allies 1, Friends and Allies 2, Friends and Allies 3, Loyalty and Betrayal 1, Loyalty and Betrayal 2, Goals and Ambitions 1, Goals and Ambitions 2, Goals and Ambitions 3, Life and Death 1, Life and Death 2, Life and Death drabbles, Memories, Best Day Ever 1, Worlds Colliding
Ruth AU, The Sword of Mercy, Twin Stars (Wynston's line): Loyalty and Betrayal 3, Life and Death 3, Backfired Plans 1, Culture Shock 1, Teachers and Heroes 2, Disguises
Wynston AU: Screw the Sword of Mercy: Backfired Plans 2, Culture Shock 2, Best Day Ever 2

Screw the Sword of Mercy chronology:
Wynston behaves nicely on Taris
Wynston kicks back after Taris
Wynston helps change Ruth's crew

Sword of Mercy/Twin Stars chronology:
Ruth discovers the conditioning
Vette is re-collared
Drabble: Taris
Ruth meets and seeks help from Rho on Hoth
(Twin Stars) Wynston changes course
Ruth gets conditioned a second time; side effects suck
Pierce declares his intention to help
Baras seeks to kill Quinn; Quinn makes a power play
Pierce teams up with Vowrawn
Ruth negotiates with Darth Ekkage
Ruth receives a serum course from Doc on Voss; Scourge learns something
Ruth starts seeing Lord Draahg
Drabble: Investigating Baras's records
Ruth negotiates with Darth Vowrawn
Drabble: Scourge's Vigil
(Twin Stars) Wynston ends the traditional class line
Ruth faces Darth Baras
Justice is served
(Twin Stars) Wynston attempts to set terms
(Twin Stars) Wynston's partner has a different idea
Ruth goes home
(Twin Stars) Wynston makes contact with Imperial Intelligence and is needled by his partner
(Twin Stars) Wynston gets his disguise generator

Ruth/Wynston AU: Lodestone
L-3: Kaliyo's personal quest blows up
L-3: Wynston calls Ruth
L-2: Wynston talks with Keeper and the Minister
AU thread:
L: Faith, Hope and , in which Wynston catches up with Ruth
L: The dream changes
L+1: Wynston talks to the crew
L+1: Wynston sees DS Ruth in action and calls her on it
L+2: Ruth leaves Wynston behind
L+2: Quinn proposes something to Wynston
L+2: Ruth and Wynston get cozy
L+3: Ruth takes exception to Wynston's recommendations
L+3: Ruth alone, day 1
L+3: Wynston alone, day 1
L+4 and change: Ruth alone, days 2 and then some
L+4 and change: Wynston alone, days 2 and then some
L+10: Wrath, Courage, Culture Shock
L+11: Allies, Goals and Ambitions, First day on the Job
L+12: Home Ec, Loyalty and Betrayal
L+13: Goals and Ambitions
L+15: Confessions and Allies
L+20/L+25: I Love this Bar
L+32/L+39: What's in a Name/Sacrifice
The rest of the story is now in its own awesome thread.
E: Music
E: NotLP: I Love This Bar
E: NotLP: As Time Goes By
Good/Bad Memories
Alternate Perspectives
Life and Death
Cross My Heart

Vierce Cross Faction: What If?, Law and Governance, Loyalty and Betrayal, Communication Breakdown, Behind the Scenes, Discoveries and Home Ec, Dreams and Nightmares, Do the Math: Does Not Compute, Brotherhood, Dreams and Nightmares II, Goals and Ambitions,Failure, Goals and Ambitions, Enemies, Brotherhood, Life and Death, What's in a Name, Dreams and Nightmares, Brotherhood, Allies, Enemies/Communication Breakdown, Do the Math, Goals and Ambitions, Allies, Enemies, Communication Breakdown,Goals and Ambitions, Communication Breakdown, Allies and Enemies, Catching Up, Legacy, Catching Up, Legacy/Tools of the Trade, Enemies, Dreams, Epilogue: First Day on the Job, Coda: What If?

NDOW!Class Swap
Head of the Class
Allies and First Day on the Job
First Impressions
First Impressions, Teachers and Heroes, Sisterhood
Communication Breakdown

Ardyth AU: Loyalty and Betrayal
Miranda Quinn AU: Friends and Allies, Loyalty and Betrayal, Backfired Plans, Loyalty and Betrayal 2

Meenah AU: Worlds Colliding

Andrina Revel AU: NotLP: Seven Virtues

NotLP: Loneliness and Solitude
NotLP: Tools of the Trade
NotLP: Stomping Grounds
NotLP: Sacrifice, NotLP: Hidden Talents and Best Day Ever

Goodbye, Allies

Skari AU: Skari & Doc- Friends and Allies
Esma/Ukaita AU: Loyalty and Betrayal: Part 1, Part 2, Goals and Ambitions, Life and Death Drabble, Backfired Plans, Sacrifices, Disguises, Tools: Part 1, Part 2,
Home Ec, NotLD: Loyalty and Betrayal

Syla AU: Failed to Kill the Whole in Part - Backfired Plans
Dreams and NIghtmares, Allies, Uninvited Guests, Planes, Trains, and Thrantamobiles, Backfired Plans, Discovery, If I were a Rich Man, I Love This Bar, Celebrations

NotLP: Loyalty and Betrayal,NotLP: Allies,

The Morning After

One Shots - Cipher Nine AU: Trump Card

Dark Ally AU

Lord Ninka AU: Alone - What If (shortfic thread), Loyalty and Betrayal, Backfired Plans, Fix Fic: Best Day Ever

Remi AU: Knightless - What If (shortfic thread), Friends and Allies: Part 1, Part 2, Loyalty and Betrayal: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Goals & Ambitions: Part 1, Part 2, Life and Death: Part 1, Drabbles, Drabbles 2, Backfired Plans, Teachers and Heroes: Part 1, Part 2, Best Day Ever: Part 1, Part 2, Worlds Colliding: Part 1, Part 2 Solitude: Part 1, Part 2,
Vices and Virtues: Wisdom,Justice,Greed & Faith,Gluttony, Sloth & Charity, Restraint, Home Ec: Part 1, Part 2, NotLP: Culture Shock, NotLP: Math, NotLP: Loyalty and Betrayal
NotLP: Disguises / Behind the Scenes, The Story So Far, Health, Health, NotLP: Backfired Plans, Morning After, (Un)invited Guest, To Market, To Market, Health, Membership, The End Part 1, The End Part 2

NotLP: I Love This Bar, NotLP: Health, Worlds Colliding, Confessions, Nightmares and Dreams, Behind the Scenes

The Story So Far

Khon'ilim'ahael AU: Coldfire Disguises, Solitude

Miriah AU - What If + Friends and Allies

Kinka AU - Friends & Allies

Ipha AU: Havoc Squad Commander - Friends and Allies
Ipha AU: Jedi - Friends and Allies, Reluctantly

Agent!Rixik AU: Cleaner
What If?, Allies, What's in a Name, Canned Response, Catching Up: Part 1, Part 2, Hide and Seek, Working out the Kinks, Exploration

Rixik and Kirya AU: Uncharted Territory
The Story Thus Far

What If (shortfic thread), Loyalty and Betrayal, Goals and Ambitions, Life and Death: Drabble, Extended, Culture Shock, Backfired Plans: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Good/Bad Memories, Xenobiology, Disguises,Tools of the Trade,
Vices and Virtues: Wrath, Restraint; and Faith, Food, Filling Station, NotLD: Allies, Alternate Views, Behind the Scenes, Behind the Scenes, Working out the Kinks, Morning After Part 1, Part 2
To Market, To Market

Sith Quinn AU: Switchbladeverse - What If, Drabbles, Teachers and Heroes, Food, Solitude, Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, NotLP: Seasons-Winter, NotLP: Seasons-Winter, NotLP: Sacrifice, NotLP: Life and Death

Afterimages AU: Affection

Thaera AU: - Life and Death
A'tro AU: - Life and Death
NotLP: Parenthood

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