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What you want and what is good for the community are two VERY different things.

You want more sliced parts, I get that. But if YOU get more sliced parts then so does EVERYONE else. this will depress the value of said sliced parts. YOU may not care about selling sliced parts on the GTN, but a LOT of others do care.

the point is, your suggestion is by its very nature selfish. I am NOT saying that was your intent, but when you make suggestions like this you have to ask yourself, "how will this affect the entire game?" not just your little corner of it.
It's not selfish to ask a gathering skill timer and/or materials required to craft be brought in line with other gathering skills. If anything, I am decreasing a barrier for the community. It already takes 420k to augment mk6 slots, which is a 100% credit sink. That does not even account for the TONS of credits sunk into actually getting the augments/kits. In reality, your suggestion is actually selfish because you seem to be concerned about "devalued" products which affects your bottom line, while not caring about other skills that are not afforded such luxuries. There is no way a implant should sell for less than an augment, but ask I look at the GTN right now, the mats are almost double for same tier purple mats and the "good" augments are 2.5 times more expensive than an implant. I am sure other items from other crafts have similar issues versus the augment thing...
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