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Am a "late to the party" guy? I just leveled a toon to 50 and went Armstech, Scav, and Slicing. I was ok with the fact that Slicing 400 missions was not supplying the credits in abundance like it once was, but I need it to get Aug Kits and Augments and since I have a main with BioChem 400, I already had multiple means to produce credits when I needed them. When I got to Slicing 400, I was shocked at what has/had been happening on said missions.

Which brings me to my argument... Grade 6 Slicing Missions need to get their timer reduced or the rewards need to be buffed, specifically on Grade 6 Sliced Tech Parts.

1. On my BioChem toon, Bioanalysis Grade 6 Abundant missions are around ~35mins, even a Mission Discovery Mission on BioAnalysis is only an hour. Slicing abundant is around ~50 mins for a "good" lockbox, and well over an hour for bundant Sliced Tech Parts and a Mission Discovery is around 2hours(!). This is a gathering skill and should be treated like the others. Scavaging is not that long, neither is Bioanalysis.

2. If I want to craft a 49/50 purple Implant, I only need 2EA Radioactive Paste(Grade 6 Dipolomacy (a MISSION SKILL)), and that piece is significantly more powerful than an augment. To craft purple augments, you need 4 Advanced Neural Augmentors. If you want this new form of Slicing to resemble a "mission skill" like Diplomacy, then at least drop the requirement down to 2EA.

3. The drop rate for Slicing Mission Discovery 340 is WAY to low. I would not have so much of a problem with 1 or 2 if I actually got the mission more, to get the mats, to make augments. As it is now, I think I might have gotten the mats once or twice using the "regular" Abundant Tech Parts mission, and only when using a purchased Mission Discovery, do I get some Advanced Neural Augmentors with some regularity. Then, its only two, and it takes over 2hours. Seems like I get more investigation and Diplomacy mission drops than I do the actual Slicing drops I need.

1. Decrease the amount of Grade 6 purples needed to craft augments down to 2EA
2. Increase the drop rate on Mission Discovery Slicing 340 on Abundant Lockbox runs (which are still longer that any other gathering skill).
3. Decrease all the timers on Grade 6 Slicing to fall in line with the other Gathering Skills.

And while you are at it BW please add a better way to get Aug Slot Component Material. Either vendor or Slicing mission would be great. thanks...

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